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casa varanda alto padrao

​A different way of making architecture.
For those who are looking for a really unique and exclusive project.


Invest in what really matters


Make your project with experts.

Are you tired of seeing the same houses all around? Projects that don't represent you, or are the result of fads?

If you want an architecture with a high design standard and at the same time functional,
hire specialists.

Do it all in one place


Services at your disposal

No headaches.
Hire architectural, interior and engineering services in just one place.

Through design, detailing, memorial and quantitative bundles, Galeria733 delivers much more than drawings:
offers solutions in systems and finishes for your buildind to exceed expectations.

All within your budget.

Casa Dotta
Cozinha Iepsen

Invest and save

High design standard. No extra costs.

A good project represents more than 30% savings in waste or bad hiring.

A complete bundle in Galeria 733 costs less than 5% of the total investment in your building, and will increase your property's value exponentially.




Years of technical and executive expertise



Professionals at your service





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Hire GALERIA 733

Beyond exclusive projects
We guarantee a great experience.


  • How much does an architectural design cost?
    A good architectural design can costs approximately 5% of the total value of a work. This compares to the price of porcelain tile, for example. It's way too little to avoid headaches.
  • How long does it take to start my build?
    Planning a building is to manage time and investment, and it depends on the fulfillment of design and creation processes. On average, the building can start within six months from the project start.
  • Do architects need to keep up with the construction?
    The correct construction is one that is monitored and managed by experienced professionals, carried out by a responsible and technically qualified construction company. The monitoring of the works carried out by the Gallery, even though it is an optional service, guarantees financial planning, technical and aesthetic quality.
  • How to rate the expertise of an architecture firm?
    Through the quality of its built works. A professional who creates and executes houses and apartments has to know and master all the interfaces of a construction, considering architecture, structure, systems and installations. For this reason, Galeria 733 has experienced architects in each specialty.
  • How does a good project increase my property's value?
    A good project should not necessarily worth by the high cost of coatings, landscaping or decoration. The high design standards practiced by Galeria 733 aims at the building's aesthetic performance associated with constructive excellence, without superfluous facede elements, idle or difficult to maintain spaces, increasing the amount invested by up to 5 times.

What do you need to know


architecture and art

About Gallery 733

The company, based on the northern coast of Rio Grande do Sul and with an office in Porto Alegre, has its name associated with an art gallery that used to work at the same address as the headquarters, directed by the architect and plastic artist Blacio Junior, founder of the office.

With a team of 15 professionals in architecture, interiors and engineering, Galeria 733 works especially in the field of houses and interiors, creating exclusive projects for each of its clients.

Revista Glass 
Visual Design
Revista UDC

Request a project quote for your home or environment and welcome to the most creative architecture studio in southern Brazil.

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Architecture, interiors and art

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